David Condon and Sara Weston both presented talks about methods at the SIPS preconference to ARP in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



@DMCpersonality making a compelling argument that researchers should exploit missingness rather than be a victim of it #ARP2019 pic.twitter.com/PtbpFrogWJ

— Brent W. Roberts (@BrentWRoberts) June 27, 2019

“There are two types of personality scientists: Those who embrace missing data.” — David spoke about the value of embracing missing data as a tool to efficiently conduct exploratory research. By embracing a missing data design, psychologists can study many more variables at a time than if they strive for a (mostly) complete dataset.

“Leveraging existing datasets with coordinated analysis.” — Sara discussed the tool of coordinated analysis, in which a specific analysis is repeated in many different datasets. This tool can help overcome the curse of knowledge that many personality psychologists find themselves affected by when working with longitudinal panel studies.

Slides available on OSF.

Fun fact: Grand Rapids, Michigan, the location of the meeting, is Sara’s hometown!